2022 Inamori Ethics Prize: Event Details

The 2022 Inamori Ethics Prize recipient was Dr. Paul Farmer, a physician and medical anthropologist who championed global healthcare for those most in need. The Callahan Foundation joins the CWRU Inamori Center, Partners in Health, and millions around the world in mourning the death of Dr. Farmer, who passed away much too early in February 2022.

As the Inamori Ethics Prize is not awarded posthumously, in the 2022-23 academic year the Inamori Center will return to their Conversation on JUSTICE series. The series will convene past Prize winners with local and global experts to explore inequities in healthcare, as well as include a tribute to Dr. Farmer’s legacy and the impact of Partners In Health.

Please see the Case Western Reserve University Conversations on JUSTICE series for reference, future updates, and resources.